For all parishioners, this website is given to you as an introduction and welcome to Sacred Heart Parish.  For old and new, it should help you work your way through the multifaceted dimensions of a suburban parish and give you an appreciation of what goes into making a faith community “work.” Perhaps you can see yourself helping in a particular way and this site will help steer you in the right direction to get started.

Saint Paul used a variety of images to describe the church. One of them was that of a building with Jesus as the cornerstone. Following this imagery, we become smaller stones or building blocks, I suppose, working to build up the church in our area of the world. I trust that you will always feel part of the church, both local and universal, and that the Lord always be the foundation of anything we try to build. May this site help you in the process.

Our thanks to the people who conceived the idea and brought it to fruition.

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