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Liturgy of the Word with Children

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Liturgy of the Word with Children, also referred to as Children’s Liturgy or LWC, is a celebration of the Liturgy of the Word in a manner related to the lives and experiences of children. It includes the same elements of the Liturgy of the Word as the main assembly including the Readings, a reflection, the Creed, and prayers.

The children go to a separate, but nearby room (a room off of the foyer of the Church) where they can hear the Word of God, participate in the liturgy and engage in lesson-appropriate movement. Although the children are in a separate room, they are not leaving Mass – just continuing the liturgy elsewhere.

Children’s Liturgy is designed to give children a better understanding of the Mass and the readings. It provides a foundation for learning and participation that will remain with them throughout their lives.

Children welcome the opportunity to go to church every Sunday and attend Children’s Liturgy. They feel welcomed and accepted by the church community. Through LWC, children learn about their faith in a positive, enjoyable way where they actively participate. They learn the rituals and traditions of the Mass.

The leader welcomes the children and begins with a prayer. From the Children’s Lectionary, they read the First Reading and the Gospel. The leader directs the children in an interactive talk based on the Gospel using elements from modern life to help the children understand. Sometimes a skit, song or other activity is used. After the Gospel reflection, everyone joins in a simplified Creed and the Prayers of the Faithful (intercessions). Many parishes provide the children with handouts to take home to help reinforce the message they have heard. The children return to the main assembly during the Offertory. It is important that they be present during the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

Children are welcome to attend Children’s Liturgy on any Sunday. No registration or payment is required. Parents are free to ‘come and see’ with their children. Volunteers are also always welcome!  To volunteer contact our school principal at: [email protected]

Sorry, NO LWC during the Spring Break and Easter time

Our Amazing Volunteers will return Sunday, April 7th.